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Putting Groceries in the Trunk


Roseland Local offers fresh produce from suppliers throughout Cornwall.


Fresh Produce

We have a range of fresh food & produce available in store, including Fruit, Vegetables, Salad, Milk, Butter, Eggs, Fresh Meat, Sausages & Poultry.

All sourced locally from Cornwall.



Our bakery is as fresh as they get, with brand new goodies every day! 

We supply Fresh Bread, Rolls, Pastries, Teacakes, Cakes, Cornish Pasties & Pies.



Our larder is always fully stocked for our valuable customers.

Our products include Tinned Goods, Biscuits, Crisps, Chocolate, Cereals, Cooking Sauces, Pasta, Rice & Sugar.


Frozen Food

The staple frozen foods are a necessity these days.

Our freezers are full of Ice Cream, Frozen Meats, Chips, ready Meals, Pies & Pizza.



Stop off for a refreshing cold drink or a coffee on the go, or perhaps something stronger.

We stock Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Beer, Wines & Spirits.


Health & Beauty

Stop off for the much-needed health and beauty essentials.

Shop our range including Hair Care, Soaps, Skincare, Shampoo, Deodorants, Healthcare & Suncare.



Shop our range of household products, from Cleaning Supplies to Coal.

Our inventory consists of Laundry Products, Cleaning Supplies, Dishwashing Items, Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, Lightbulbs, Household Essentials, Logs & Coal, Freshly Ground Coffee In-Store, In-Store Bakery and many more!

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